Customized Well Units

Improve the taste, smell, and overall quality of your home’s water with a customized well unit from Jason’s Water Systems.

Customized Designed Systems based on the chemistry of your water

Got well water? We can handle the job!

Jason’s Water Systems prides itself designing systems to treat municipal and well water alike. Although we pride ourselves on having the finest HI FLOW systems on the market with up to 400,000 gallons of chlorine removal in 1 tank, sometimes that is not enough.

What Do We Offer?

  • RO Systems
  • Ultra-Filtration
  • Ultraviolet Filtration
  • Neutralizers Filters
  • H2S Systems
  • Iron
  • Salinity
  • Sanitation

Eliminate Sulfur and That Rotten Egg Smell

When certain minerals like hydrogen sulfite, or sulfur, as well as chlorine, build up in well water, it can result in water that smells like rotten eggs and tastes like a swimming pool. This unpleasant rotten egg odor has a tendency to stick to hair after bathing, and clothing after washing, which can lead to this unpleasant odor leaving the house with you. Along with the nasty smell and taste, a high concentration of these minerals within the water can increase the pace of metal corrosion in pipes, faucets, and other water-using fixtures.

Guarantee Bacteria Free Water For You and Your Family

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are over 12 million cases of gastrointestinal illness from U.S drinking water each year. Well water can contain disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and parasites like E. coli, giardia lamblia as well as shigella sonnet which are both known for causing various illnesses and other conditions. When well water is not properly filtered and softened, these bacteria and microorganisms can make their way into your water which can have the potential to harm you and your family.

Remove Discoloration and Say Goodbye To Iron Stains 

If you’ve experienced iron stains, you know how much of a hassle it can be to remove them from fixtures, sinks, toilets, tubs, and other appliances that use water. When these iron stains show up in the bathroom in areas like sinks and showers, it will look unattractive and unsanitary. Similar to how hard water can lead to clogged piping, excess iron can also cause mineral and limescale build-up which will eventually clog pipes as well. With well water units from Jason’s Water, iron particles are removed to prevent excessive mineral build-up.

Enjoy Softer, Tastier & High-Quality Water 

Hard Water results in scaling, or a build-up of minerals like calcium and magnesium which can clog pipes. When hard water builds up in appliances like dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines, it can ruin them entirely. Additionally, the minerals in hard water can dry out skin and hair which leads to itchiness and discomfort. Soft water allows you to have spot-free dishes and delicious drinking water right from the taps of your sink, shower, or anything else that uses water.

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How Does It Work?


The aerator within Jason’s Water well units eliminates the minerals that cause unpleasant smells within your well water.

UV Filter

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other disease-causing agents will be blasted with UV light as they pass through the UV filter, stopping them before they reach your drinking water.

Iron Breaker

Stain causing and pipe clogging iron build-up is removed from the well water as it passes through the iron breaker, keeping your appliances stain-free.

Softener & Filter

Water is softened and filtered removing harmful minerals that can damage appliances and clog pipes as well. Enjoy softer, itch-free skin, spot-free dishes, and delicious water right from the tap.

Why Get A Well Water Filtration System?

unpleasant tasting drinking water

Unpleasant Smell & Taste

Well water units remove the unpleasant smell and taste that often comes with water sourced from a well. As the minerals that cause this unpleasant taste and smell are removed, you’ll enjoy better-tasting water and ice. You’ll have no problem drinking water from the tap with a well water unit from Jason’s Water Softeners.
Woman sick after drinking hard water

Water-Borne Illness

Water-borne illnesses are much more common in well water than in standard city-sourced water. To ensure that the water being supplied to you and your family is safe and free of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause water-borne illness, consider a well unit from Jason’s Water Softeners.
rust stain on sink

High Iron Concentrations

If you find that your sinks, tubs, showers, and other water-using appliances have an unsightly orange stain, it’s likely the result of high iron concentrations within the well water. Well water with high iron concentrations can result in staining on appliances, fixtures, clothing, and anything else that touches water.
woman suffering from dry skin as a result of hard water in the shower

Hard Water

For many homeowners in the Central Texas area, hard water is a real issue. Hard water leads to itchy, dry skin, as well as unpleasant feeling of hair and clothing after showering. It also is a leading cause of damage to plumbing pipes and other water-using appliances. Water softeners solve a number of issues that homeowners have with their water.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer the frequently asked questions that our customers ask and provide you with the details necessary to make an informed decision.
Do our specialists determine the quality of existing well water before developing customized water units?
Do Jason’s Water System’s customized well water units have water filtration capabilities as well?
Does Jason’s Water Annual Maintenance Program apply to well water units?
Included With Every System

Why Choose Jason’s Water Systems For Customized Well Unit Water Treatment & Softening

Jason’s Perfect Lifetime Warranty

All of our systems come with Jason’s Perfect Warranty, guaranteeing the highest water quality and most reliable product functionality that money can buy. When you purchase a Jason’s Water System, you’ll be able to access our routine maintenance checks and system replacements.

Financing Options

Our financing options allow homeowners to access the cleanest water for their household without having to pay for it upfront. We’ll work within your budget to provide a custom well-water softening and filtration unit that doesn’t drain your wallet. Jason’s Water Systems is proud to make it happen for our customers.

Annual Maintenance Program

All of our well water systems are paired with our annual maintenance program, which is designed to keep our systems in top shape. Homeowners can rely on our experts to service water softeners for homes of all different kinds, including those with well water systems. Our annual maintenance program keeps your system in peak operating condition.

First-Year Workmanship Guarantee

Our water softening and purification systems are bundled with a one-year workmanship warranty. This means that within the first year of your water treatment system installation, you can depend on our team to answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues you run into without any extra charges.

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