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December 22, 2022

Jason’s Water Systems is proud to be the manufacturer of some of the best water softening systems in the United States. All of our systems are tested for both softening and filtration in one single tank and have been certified by International Plumbing Mechanical Officials to carry the UPC shield. We can make statements like this about the quality of our water softener and filtration systems because we make a superior product compared to top competitors, and we put our money where our mouth is by offering the best warranty in the water softener industry. Jason’s Water Systems offers Jason’s Perfect Lifetime warranty with each of our water softeners, guaranteeing the highest water quality and most reliable functionality that money can buy. In this post from Jason’s Water Systems blog, we’ll discuss some of the finer points of our warranty, and what makes it so much better than the warranties of our top competitors.

What Makes Jason’s Water Systems Water Softener Superior? 

There are a few things that make Jason’s Water Systems water softeners stand out, but one of the most important differences between our softeners and competitor softeners is how our different stages of softening function. Our 3 Stage whole house water softener system uses coconut shell carbon to remove chlorine from your water before it passes through the rest of the softening system. This is different from the softening systems of our competitors, which only soften the water, leaving behind all of the chemicals and chlorine within your water.

Sure, filtering out chlorine reduces unpleasant smells and tastes, but it also increases the lifespan of our water-softening system by up to 4 times longer than our competitors' products. Chlorine is incredibly corrosive to water-softening systems of all kinds, meaning it will break down and degrade the softening system’s media, valves and components at an accelerated rate when compared to our water softeners which filter out chlorine before the softening process begins. Jason's Water Systems has been tested by NSF ANSI 42 for up to 400,000 glns of chlorine removal. One of the largest filtration lifespans on the market. Chlorine is measured in gallons, NOT years. So if you are looking at a whole home water filtration system that is measured in years there is a good chance that the carbon media has not been truly tested for its lifespan. This superior, USA made build quality allows us to offer a lifetime warranty, unlike competitor products with warranties that are voided as soon as treated city water passes through the system. 

The Problem With Our Top Competitor’s Warranties

One issue that stands out with the warranties of our top competitors is the fact that as soon as chlorine treated municipal water passes through the system, the warranty is voided. This is because chlorine can be classified as an “oxidizing agent”, meaning that it is likely to damage the system. Nearly all water sources in the United States contain some form of chlorine for purification purposes. This means the very first time you turn on your water softener system from our leading competitors, your warranty is voided. 

Other companies will sell you two separate tanks. One for softening and one for filtration. This has the potential to create an increased pressure drop with your incoming water. For each tank that is added there is an average of 25 psi drop. JWS builds their filtration and softening All in One Tank that saves you on additional pressure loss.

With Jason’s Water Systems, we don’t have to worry about chlorine damaging our water-softening systems because we filter it out in step one of the process. Not only do Jason’s Water Systems water softeners offer superior water quality due to the removal of chlorine and other organic contaminants, but the removal of chlorine also makes our systems last years longer than our competitors' products. That’s the difference with Jason’s Water Systems!  

Enjoy The Best Possible Home Water Quality With Jason’s Water Systems! 

At Jason’s Water Systems, we manufacture and install water softening and filtration systems that produce bottled water quality water, directly from your tap, shower-head, faucet, or even appliances. With so many benefits to our All in One System, we make basic water softeners obsolete. That's why making the Jason's choice is the right choice! To learn more about Jason’s Water Systems, contact us online or give us a call today. 

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