Alkaline In-Line Water Filters

Alkaline in-line water filters reduce acidity, return nutrients and minerals, and boost and improve the pH levels of drinking water in your home.

About Alkaline In-Line Water Filters

Alkalizes Water for Reduced Acidity

Studies have shown that alkaline water has a number of benefits for the health of the circulatory system and other body systems. Many experts claim that alkaline water has the potential to minimize acid reflux and combat the effects of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. If your water intake or diet is more acidic than not, consider alkaline water as the way to balance your internal pH levels.

Returns Nutrients & Minerals to Drinking Water

This filter brings healthy minerals back into the water after they have been removed by a RO filter. Some water filters are guilty of stripping positive nutrients out of water for good, minimizing the presence of healthy vitamins and minerals in the water supply. With our alkaline in-line water filter, you can rest easy knowing that your purified drinking water is giving you the best version of itself every time you turn on the faucet.

Boosts & Improves pH Levels

As mentioned before, having a highly acidic regimen of food and water intake can overwhelm the body and lead to health issues over time. Regulating your pH balance with consistent alkaline water can help you avoid the negative results of acidic water intake, such as exposure to common contaminants, gastrointestinal issues, and dental problems.

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Why Do I Need an Alkaline In-Line Water Filter?

Paired With 3 Stage In-Sink Filters

Jason’s in-sink water filters do not remove minerals, or make the water acidic, you can enjoy the health benefits of alkaline water with a pH level of 9 by pairing your current in-sink filtration with an alkaline in-line water filter. In-sink filtration is used in conjunction with a Jason’s Water softener to remove inorganic contaminants from water.

Paired With Reverse Osmosis In-Sink Filters

In-sink reverse osmosis filters remove too many minerals from the water, making the water too acidic to be healthy, at a pH level of about 5, leading to potential health issues down the line. With an alkaline in-filter system, you can bring the pH water of the level back to a healthy pure 7, making the water perfectly safe to drink and eliminating the potential for water acidity-related health issues.

Why Alkaline In-Line Water Filters?

Little girl washing face with alkaline water

Easily Integrated With Drinking Water Systems

Alkaline in-line filters fit directly onto most drinking water systems as attachments. In many cases, all one must do is screw them on. This level of simplicity and ease makes purifying your home’s drinking water with high-quality filtration easier than ever.
Pregnant woman enjoying alkaline water

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

The water that comes out of our homes’ faucets is often treated in ways that can boost acidity. Even a reverse osmosis system can, over time, raise the acid levels in the water. Our alkaline in-line filters improve the pH balance of water that we ingest, thus stabilizing pH levels inside the body. If you’re familiar with any of the research studies supporting the health benefits of alkaline water, you know how impactful it can be in fighting health issues and restabilizing the body’s essential functions.
PH Alkaline Water Test

Adjusts Water to a 7.0+ pH Reading

If you’re familiar with the health benefits that alkaline water has the potential to bring to you and your family’s health, let our team fit you for an alkaline in-line filter today and get you on the road to sustainable, balanced water intake.

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