Annual Maintenance Program

Keep Your System in Top Shape for a Discounted Price

Our full-service maintenance plan offers you peace of mind knowing your Jason’s Water System is running smoothly and efficiently. Over the span of the year, your water system will be subjected to buildups of scum, debris, and unwanted material all of which were removed from your water. In order to maintain safe water quality, it is important to perform routine maintenance on your system.

Included in Our Annual Maintenance Program

Resin Cleanse

The resin tank is where the ion exchange process happens, where hard minerals in your water are exchanged for sodium. The hard minerals will begin to build up in the brine tank which can cause issues restricting flow, slow down the ion exchange process, or build up mold and mildew. Minerals and contaminants that were taken out of your water during the ion exchange process can cause issues of corrosion in the resin tank. We will flush a special Resin Cleansing solution through your media tank to be sure that there is no buildup of hard water remaining within your softening media.

Valve Check

All valves connected to your Jason’s water system will be thoroughly checked to ensure the system is operating as intended. During our visit, we will tear down the valve and inspect all parts for wear, integrity, and efficiency. Hard minerals can break down valves over time, and the valves leading into your water softener can degrade at a faster rate than the valves flowing out of your water softener. If we find any issues or developing problems, we will replace any parts that show concern for free.

Brine Tank Sanitation

The brine tank is where the system dissolves your sodium creating your brine solution. Our technicians will sanitize the float assembly where mildew and minerals tend to build up, and remove any debris collected in the brine tank. By removing debris from the brine tank, we're able to ensure that your water softener is consistently providing your home with clean and soft water for drinking and bathing until our next maintenance appointment.


Because water quality changes seasonally, we will calibrate your water system to make sure it is operating at the optimum level of softening. We will also calibrate the circuit board to update the processor with the newest technology. A full review of usage data will also be administered to update any settings for hardness, time of day for water loop refreshing, system regeneration, and gallon usage.

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