3 Stage Quick Connect
Water Filtration

Improve the taste of your drinking water and cook fresher tasting food. Enjoy crisp, clean water from the tap anytime.

About 3 Stage Water Filtration

Jason’s Water Systems has provided top-of-the-line water treatment to homeowners around Texas for 40 years and counting. Our mission is to bring contaminant-free drinking water to homes all around the state with our tested and trusted systems, and our 3 Stage Water Filtration System is an extension of that mission. Readily installed with our water softening & filtration systems, the 3 Stage Water Filtration System is NSF certified and effective at filtering out all types of impurities and contaminants. With simple filter replacement, reliable technology, and a wide range of benefits for families all over, our filtration system is sure to change the way you approach filtration moving forward. Free your family from reliance on bottled water and water filtration pitchers by treating your tap water before it even exits the faucet. With Jason’s Water, you can enjoy clear, odor-free, tasteless hydration at a moment’s notice. Contact our team today to learn more.

Pair With Our Whole House Softening System For The Best Results

Jason’s Water Systems always recommends pairing our 3-Stage Quick Connect Filtration system with our whole house water softening system. When working together, our 3 Stage Quick Connect Filter and our water softening systems produce bottled water quality water, directly from your kitchen sink. 

Our Whole House water softening system removes organic chemicals found in the water, like chlorine and magnesium, while our 3 Stage Quick Connect filter removes the inorganic chemicals found in drinking water, commonly referred to as forever chemicals. Forever chemicals require meticulous filtration to be removed from drinking water, and it’s for this reason that we recommend customers pair our two most powerful systems together. In fact, we often offer our 3-Stage Quick Connect filter system for free or at a highly discounted price with the purchase of our whole-house softening system. Reach out to us today to learn more about the promotions available in your area! 

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Keep These Contaminants Out Of Your Water


Harmful contaminants, such as lead, have no place in your home’s water. Safeguard your family with our 3 stage water filtration system.


Reduce the presence of cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia in your water, which can cause negative health effects.

Taste & Odor

Get rid of the naturally-occurring contaminants that are present in our water sources, which can translate into intolerable odors and poor tastes in water.


Eliminating volatile organic chemicals, which include harmful compounds such as gasoline and industrial cleaners is a vital step to ensure your family’s safety.

Dirty Water

Removing substances like debris, powder, and silt can significantly contribute to the reduction of discoloration in your home’s water.


Chlorine, often used to disinfect water supplies, can create odors in water. Filtering chlorine out after disinfection is ultimately best for drinking water.
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How Does It Work?

stage 1

Sediment Filter

This layer of the 3 stage water filter is constructed in such a way that it filters out and removes a significant portion of the dirt, rust, sand, sediment, and other particulate matter from your water. The matter extracted during this stage is larger and more noticeable than particles removed in the later stages.
stage 2

Pre-Carbon Filter

The second stage in the filtration process is meant to eliminate some of the chemical remnants of the untreated water. This is done by removing chlorine from the water while also eliminating the taste and odor that come with tap water before it’s filtered properly.
Stage 3

Membrane Filter

The final stage of the filtration process includes a process called ultra-filtration using a membrane filter. Here, the smallest particles are taken out of the water, producing the end product: clean, safe, readily-drinkable water.

Why 3 Stage Water Filtration?

Young woman enjoying soft drinking water


Access to clean water free of contaminants can make a huge difference in the health of you and your family. Don’t rely exclusively on water bottles to guarantee that you get the water quality that you and your family deserve. Safeguard our homes from harmful substances and chemicals with our 3 stage filtration system.
3 Stage Water Filter

Ease Of Use

The screw in installation process for our 3 stage water filtration system is truly simplistic, making the process easier on everyday homeowners. Even substituting the actual filter with a brand new one is as simple as twisting, removing, and replacing.
Family enjoying soft drinking water


When connected to a Jason’s whole house softening system, our 3 stage water filters last twice as long as the competitors’ models. Each filter lasts for a duration of 12 months before replacement is required, which is exceedingly longer than the leading filter alternatives which only last for a maximum of 6 months. Choose our 3 stage filter to save money on filter replacement and bottled water purchases all year round.
Young boy enjoying soft drinking water

NSF Certified

Products that are NSF certified have the approval of the world’s most respected, third-party organization dedicated to the healthy and safety of the public. The NSF certification of our 3 stage water filtration system lets our customers know that our filters are completely safe to use.

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