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Jason’s Water Systems provides a whole house water treatment solution for your healthy lifestyle.

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NOTICE: We are not authorized to perform service or repairs on any other brand than JWS Mfg.

Whole House Water Softening & Filtration ALL in 1 Tank

Jason's Water 3 stage water softening system

Safeguard Appliances

Our water softening systems remove calcium and magnesium from the water preventing corrosive pipes in your home appliances. Our North Texas water softeners prevent significant appliance maintenance expenses and replacement costs.

Eliminate Soap Scum

Tired of hard water spots???

Our water softeners effectively stop the accumulation of soap scum, hard water spots, and hard water residue found on dishes, shower walls, and fixtures.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Our water softeners provide relief from dry and irritated skin that comes from harsh chlorinated water. Eliminate these negative effects on your hair and skin by filtering out chlorine and hard water from your home and promote a ‘healthy’ lifestyle!

Whole House Filtration System

Our whole house filtration system eliminates harsh taste and odors caused by chlorinated water and harmful chemicals. Jason’s Water Systems produce chemical-free water your family can drink AND bath in!

Our Products

Included with Every Water Softener Installation

Jason’s Perfect Lifetime Warranty

Water softeners from Jason’s Water Systems of North Texas come with industry-leading water quality and product functionality guaranteed! Our technicians maintain this product functionality by offering our Perfect Lifetime Warranty, which covers maintenance checks and system replacements at no charge, to all of our customers. With the Perfect Lifetime Warranty, residents of cities like Dallas, Frisco, Prosper, Plano, McKinney, Little Elm, Carrollton, Lewisville, Denton, and more, can rest easy knowing their water softening systems are all taken care of.

Financing Options

Jason’s Water offers comprehensive financing options on all of our products. Our team understands that several considerations go into major home investments. We believe it’s important to help our customers enjoy the benefits of water softening and filtration systems without suffering from undue financial pressures. Contact us to learn how we can structure a financing plan that fits your budget and timeline.

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Annual Maintenance Program

Jason’s Water Systems of North Texas is dedicated to servicing your home’s water softening and filtration system after it’s been installed in your Dallas residence. We supply our customers with our Annual Water Softener Maintenance Program to ensure that everyone can get maintenance checks directly from our team members.

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Free First-Year Workmanship Guarantee

Our Dallas water softener specialists are equipped to follow your system through every stage of its first year of operation, making sure to answer any questions you have and solve any problems that arise during the initial months. Don’t be married to service calls and fees. Trust our team to check in on the system’s functionality on a regular basis.

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At Jason’s Water Systems of North Texas, our water softener and filtration technicians are ready and equipped to provide you with a comprehensive estimate and assessment. Trust our Dallas experts to get you all the information you need before finalizing your water system purchase.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Workmanship

To ensure that our water softeners provide your home with long-lasting results, we design them with as much precision and detail as possible. We make it our highest priority to maximize your system’s potential over the course of its lifespan. We ensure that your system saves you money and supports healthy skin and hair for years by delivering the highest product quality out there.

Promotions Available

Whether you are minimizing spending or you are out of work altogether, Jason’s Water Systems of North Texas has promotions available that allow you to make healthy decisions for your family while getting back on your feet.

Free Drinking System with purchase of Whole House Softening and Filtration Systems
6 Months No Payment on New Qualified Water Softeners and Filtration Systems

Lifetime Guarantee

To make sure that your Dallas water softener system stays in working order for its lifespan. Our team offers our customers a Perfect Lifetime Warranty on several water softener system parts that are essential to its functionality. This Lifetime Warranty covers the salt and resin tanks, ion-exchange resins, and valve bodies that accompany each system. We also supply all other parts of our systems, including electronics, with a 5-Year Warranty. Know that when you work with Jason’s Water Systems of North Texas, you can trust that we’ll maximize the positive impact our systems can have on your life.

About The Dealer

Natalie Gandy is the dealer and lead sales representative at Jason’s Water Systems of North Texas. Natalie is committed to helping North Texas residents take control of their health by improving the quality of the water they use every day. Natalie works diligently to match customers with reliable, whole house water softening and filtration systems that address their needs. She is passionate about water softening systems and their ability to promote personal health, protect families from impurities in water, and safeguard household appliances from the negative effects of poor water quality. She is available anytime to answer questions you might have about our industry-leading water softening and filtration systems.

Up To $650 Trade-In Special!

While we do not service other brands’ water softeners in North Texas, we provide a trade-in deal ($650 off Jason’s Water system installation) if your current system is beyond repair. If it’s beyond fixing and you want to upgrade to Jason’s, you can trade-in your current system for up to a $650 discount toward a new Jason’s Water install!

Service Areas

Our team offers industry-leading water softeners to homeowners and businesses all over North Texas. We provide our premium water softeners to residents of Dallas and surrounding cities, including Frisco, Prosper, Plano, McKinney, Little Elm, Carrollton, Lewisville, Denton, and more.

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Dallas Texas Area


Let us answer the frequently asked questions that our customers ask and provide you with the details necessary to make an informed decision.

Does Jason’s Water offer maintenance services for homeowners with water softener systems that were manufactured by other brands?

No. While we do not service other brands’ water softeners in North Texas we provide trade-in deals ($650 off Jason’s Water system installation) if they are beyond repair.

Is the salt from my Jason’s Water Softener going to enter my drinking water?

No, salt will never enter your drinking water. Our water softening systems use salt to create a separate brine solution. That solution that will at times run through your water system. This brine solution removes hard minerals in your water through a process called ion exchange and keeps the softening system operating at maximum efficiency.

Does Jason’s Water offer water softener installations in areas outside of Dallas and the North Texas area?

Yes, our team offers installations all around the state of Texas.

Are Jason’s Water softeners NSF certified?

Yes. Jason’s Water Systems has been certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 44, American Society of Sanitary Engineers, and the Uniform Plumbing Code.

Are your water softeners up to ICC Residential Plumbing Codes?

Jason’s Water Systems, Mfg. is the ONLY water softener system in the WORLD that has been certified to the Plumbing Codes set by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center in a single system.

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Your family deserves the highest water quality possible to support good health and wellness. Trust Jason’s Water Systems of North Texas to eliminate harsh water from your home and bring health benefits to you and your family.