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Protect Your Family & Home From Harmful Chemicals

Our water softener systems do a fantastic job of protecting you and your family from potentially harmful chemicals that are found in untreated water sources. Hard tap water with harmful substances can do more than just pose a threat to your hair and nails. This untreated water can also do damage to your overall physical health. Luckily, systems from Jason’s Water filter out damaging substances and soften water at the same time.

Lessen Maintenance Needs with Our Top-Notch Water System Quality

Our water softener systems are installed by experienced, well-trained technicians who go through all the appropriate steps to ensure that your system’s functionality is second-to-none. This emphasis on proper installation, in addition to our superior product, means that our water systems require less regular maintenance than many of the other systems on the market. Although our top-notch maintenance services are thorough and extensive, we’re confident that our systems will be able to withstand whatever circumstances may arise.

upc uniform plumbing code
nsf/ansi 42 whole house filtration
nsf/ansi 44 water softening

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Why Choose Jason’s Water Softener Systems?

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Enjoy our Jason’s Water Perfect Warranty

Our water softening systems come with a full, comprehensive lifetime warranty because we trust in the durability and top-tier functionality of our products. Our Jason’s Perfect Warranty eliminates any chances of prolonged system failure, ensuring that your family can enjoy high-quality water for the foreseeable future.

Save Money with Trade-In Specials & Maintenance Services

At Jason’s Water Systems, we don’t offer services exclusively to owners of our water softener systems. We provide maintenance and upkeep services to systems manufactured by other brands. It’s our mission to keep as many homeowners as possible equipped with an effective water softener and filtration systems. Ask us about our Trade-In Special, where we allow our maintenance customers to trade-in dysfunctional models from other providers in exchange for up to a $650 discount on their new, upgraded Jason’s Water softening and filtration system.

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Soften Water While Staying Within Plumbing Codes

Jason’s Water Systems manufactured the only water softener system on the market that has been fully-certified to the Plumbing Codes set by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, all while operating as a standalone system.

Computer Controlled Dynamic Regeneration

All Jason’s Water Systems use advanced computer controls to monitor water softener usage and optimize the regeneration processes. Our softener responds dynamically to your usage patterns instead of using a fixed timer. The softener automatically regenerates when total water usage reaches programmed levels. You can go on vacation or experience periods of heavy usage (house guests) without unnecessary regenerations or running out of softened water. Computer controls and dynamic regeneration help minimize salt consumption, save money and energy, and guarantee a fresh supply of softened water even with diverse usage patterns. Computer controls also allow homeowners to easily monitor water consumption with the push of a button.

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How it Works


Water softeners manufactured by Jason’s Water Systems are so effective that up to 5 water softeners from the competitors must be utilized to do what our softeners can. Our water softeners have fully programmable cycles so the system can be tailored to nearly any water condition. Jason’s Water softener systems come with several advanced elements, including coconut shell carbon, fine mesh resin, and crushed garnet media. Altogether, the full water softener system has all the elements necessary to provide 90% bottled water quality to your entire home.

Jason's Water 3 stage water softening system

Coconut Shell Carbon

The coconut shell carbon effectively reduces chlorine smells and taste from the water, while also reducing other toxic chemicals from the water.

Fine Mesh Resin

The fine mesh resin then eliminates minerals from water that cause soap scum, allowing for more healthy hair and skin while facilitating long-lasting functionality of household appliances.

Crushed Garnet Media

Lastly, we include the crushed garnet media to eliminate discoloration and turbidity from the water.

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Our Certifications

IPC Standards

upc uniform plumbing code

Many well-known companies install “modern” water softeners that do not have high flow. Water softeners must be properly sized for the homes that they are installed in. Jason’s Water Systems service flow rates have been certified by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center.

Minimum IPC Service flow rates for homes are as follows:



16.8 GPM



18.5 GPM



21.1 GPM

Water softeners must soften water at the minimum IPC flow rate for your bathroom count. Water softeners that do not meet plumbing requirements may restrict the flow of water and decrease water pressure. Undersized softeners can also “bleed-through”, where some hard water is allowed through the system, defeating the purpose of the system itself. Ensure the water softener flow rate meets modern IPC plumbing code requirements for your home size. Also, confirm all water softener pipes, connections, and valves have a minimum diameter of one inch, and any flow rates are measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

NSF/ANSI Standard 44

nsf/ansi 44 water softening

Jason’s Water softeners fully conform with NSF/ANSI Standard 44. Consumers should look for a mark indicating conformance to NSF/ANSI Standard 44 when examining water softeners.

The NSF/ANSI Standard 44 certification tests a variety of critical water softener characteristics including:

Material Safety - Establishes all materials in contact with drinking water leach no contaminants or dangerous chemicals.
Pressure Drop – Ensures the water softener does not significantly decrease water pressure at the tested service flow rate. Note: The tested flow rate could be less than IPC requirements for your home so always verify the tested service flow rate is adequate for your home size!
Exchange Capacity – Ensures the water softener provides the total softening capacity as stated by the manufacturer.
Softening Performance – Ensures the water softener provides the softening capacity at the tested service flow rate that meets the demands of your home at 17 gallons per minute (GPM) minimum or you WILL have hard water. Negating the benefits of the softener!
Rinse Effectiveness – Ensures the water softener does not permit excessive salt into the household water supply.
Brine System Accuracy – Ensures the water softener does not use more salt than stated by the manufacturer.
Structural Integrity – Tests the operating reliability of the water softener over 100,000 operating cycles and pressure tests.

NSF/ANSI Standard 42

nsf/ansi 42 whole house filtration

The NSF/ANSI Standard 42 covers systems designed to reduce specific aesthetic contaminants (chlorine as well as taste and odor) that may be present in public or private drinking water. Most water softeners do not remove contaminants and therefore do not require certification. However, Jason’s Water Systems do remove chlorine from 300,00 to 400,000 gallons of water and are fully certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 by the Water Quality Association.

ISO 9000:2000

iso 9001 badge

ISO 9000:2000 is a family of standards for quality management of systems. These standards require companies to use standardized “process management” for the monitoring and optimizing of a company’s tasks and activities, instead of just inspecting the final product. The standards require direct involvement by upper executives, to integrate quality into the business system and avoid delegation of quality functions to junior administrators. Expectations of continual improvement and tracking customer satisfaction are explicit. ISO certified companies track each step of the manufacturing process in detail, evaluate the water softener at each step, and seek to continuously improve the manufacturing process.

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