Why Winter is Better with Soft Water

December 10, 2014

When you look for ways to escape the harsh winter season, you might think about grabbing an extra blanket or a space heater. What you may have forgotten to put on your winter wish list is a water softener! If you’re confused on how a water softener can help you through a rough winter, keep reading.

When temperatures drop, they take the humidity along with them, leaving your skin dry, red, and itchy. Couple winter temperatures with mineral-filled hard water and you’ve got a serious dry skin problem on your hands.The same goes for your hair in winter – the combination of icy air, blow dryer heat, indoor heating, and tough winds can cause hair to become dry, brittle, and tangly. Hard water is also known to dry out your hair, so all these factors combined can leave you with a lot of split ends and breakage.

A whole-house water softening system gives hair and skin a fighting chance in frigid temperatures. One of the main benefits of soft water is that it helps skin and hair stay soft. This is because hard water is so saturated with minerals that it makes it difficult for other substances like soap and shampoo to dissolve in the water. In addition to not allowing these products to sufficiently lather up, hard water won’t rinse them as well either. Soap residue subsequently gets left behind, clogging pores and making skin red, itchy, and flaky. This is a nuisance to anyone, but for people who already suffer from skin conditions like acne or dermatitis, it can make their situations even worse.

When water is softened, the minerals are filtered out and allow soap products to lather. Softened water will also do a better job rinsing, unclogging pores and letting your skin absorb moisture. On a related note, soft water even softens your clothes when it cleans them. And the last thing you want on dry, cracked skin is starchy, scratchy clothing.

Relentless dry skin and hair are one of the most common complaints from people seeking out a water softener. If your skin is prone to chapping or chafing, or if your hair turns brittle and wiry in the winter, investing in a water softener can help you feel comfortable all year round. Learn to enjoy winter again!

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