Why Water Softeners Work Best With Under The Sink Filters

October 19, 2022

At Jason’s Water Systems, we manufacture several different water treatment systems that work to improve the quality of the water of residences in different ways. Products like water softeners and under-the-sink filtration systems both improve water quality, but by eliminating or reducing different impurities. While our water softeners remove organic chemicals that are naturally found in water, they do not remove inorganic chemicals that are often referred to as forever chemicals. That’s where our under the sink filters come into play, working to reduce the inorganic chemicals, or “forever chemicals” found in drinking water. In this post from Jason’s Water Systems blog, we’ll discuss why Jason’s water softeners work best when paired with an under the sink filtration system. 

Why You Should Pair A Water Softener With An Under The Sink Filter

Jason’s Water Softeners are designed to both soften and filter organic chemicals from water. These include elements like chlorine and magnesium which occur naturally within groundwater sources like aquifers. When organic impurities dissolve they create hard water, which results in plumbing issues, itchy skin and hair, and spotty dishes among other issues. Jason’s Water Softeners are unique in that they remove organic impurities as well as remove the causes of hard water. 

Separately, there are inorganic chemicals found in drinking water that are caused by human activity and pollution. These inorganic chemicals are commonly referred to as “forever chemicals”, and they’re becoming a larger concern across the world as the population gets larger and more dependent on municipal water sources. Forever chemicals are not removed by water softeners, and therefore, are still present in your home’s water supply after your water is softened. Research suggests that forever chemicals are probably already found within most of our bodies, and may have negative health effects within our lifetime, or for future generations. You can learn more about forever chemicals and why you want to remove them from your water in this post from Jason’s Water Systems blog

Ultimately, combining these two water treatment systems is the best way to ensure that the water you and your family are using for drinking, cooking, and making ice is as clean and pure as possible. In fact, when our water softeners are combined with one of our under the sink filters, the quality of the water from the faucet will be indiscernible from bottled water. It’s for this reason we often offer our customers one of our under-the-sink filters for free, or at a highly discounted rate with the purchase of our whole house water softening systems. Reach out to us today to learn more about the promotions available in your area! 

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