When Water Softeners Are Necessary for Your Home

June 25, 2019

Water is an integral part of human life, and every day you use water to clean, cook, and rehydrate. Your water must be clean and safe; otherwise, it will cause you costly problems for your health and home. Hard water is generally unsafe because it contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium which build up over time. If you notice that your sink has stains or your skin becomes dry and is often itchy, you may be experiencing problems with your water. Hard water can cost you time, money and comfort because of the damage it will cause to your household and your body.

To handle these problems, you need a reliable water softening system. Water softening works to remove troublesome minerals from your water supply and soften your water in the process. The following are the instances where water softeners are a necessity for your home:

You Have Scale Build Up on Home Appliances

Magnesium and calcium usually build up over time to form scale. If you notice your home appliances such as electric kettles and teapots have mineral deposits, it's a sign you may have hard water. The mineral deposits can also affect your water pipes and cause clogging issues. This makes it more difficult for water to pass through and makes your water supply less efficient. Water softeners help prevents hard water and keeps your home's pipes safe from build up.

Your Hair and Skin is Dry

The extra minerals contained in hard water will affect your hair and skin. It makes the skin dry and itchy and causes the hair to fizzle and dry out. The residue from the water settles on your skin and hair causing irritation and dryness. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is time to soften your water.

Fading Clothes

Hard water also affects the garments and clothes that you clean. It causes them to fade, become gray and feel scratchy. The clothes will also be tough to wash because of the extra minerals contained in the water. An effective water softener can ensure your appliances performances at its peak.

Bathtub and Sink Stains

The high amount of magnesium and calcium in hard water causes it to leave stains in your bathtub or sink. What happens is that the water evaporates and leaves behind deposits of magnesium and calcium. As long as hard water remains in your home's water supply, stains will continue to form and become more visible as time passes. The ultimate solution is to get an effective water softener that will prevent these stains from showing up.

High Water Bill

If your water bill is high, it is time to check if your water is hard. Hard water makes your pipes work harder to pump water because of the build up. It is essential to check your water purity and hardness. From here you can take the necessary steps to ensure you, and your household is using clean, safe and soft water.

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