Water Softener FAQ

March 31, 2016

Can I drink softened water?

You can absolutely drink softened water. If you were to consume 5 glasses of softened water, it would only take up 3% of your daily sodium intake. The purpose of the salt is not to add salinity, but to neutralize the hard minerals.

Where can I dump the discharged brine?

Some people ask if they can dump out the brine and clean their tank on their grass. In high quantities, the salt will kill your lawn.If you are planning on cleaning your tank and distributing the brine in your yard, dilute the brine with a 20 to 1 part ratio of water to brine. Most yard plants cannot survive in salt-abundant environments so take extra care when distributing the brine in your yard.

Can I use rock salt in my softener?

Rock salt may be cheaper in the store but using it in your softener will mean you have to spend more time and money cleaning your system.Rock salt has not gone through the same process softener pellets go through to get rid of the water-insoluble minerals. You may spend more money using softener grade salt, but you will make that money back when you factor in cleaning costs.

What should I do when the salt sticks together in my tank?

The salt in your tank could be mushing, meaning the pellets form into one large brick. You will have to break down the brick because the softener will not flow correctly when the system is clogged with a large mass. You will have to break down the mushing and replace the salt.

Why is my system making noise?

If your softener tank is making noise, you should first unplug the system to see if it stops. If the sound stops after you unplug it, it may be your water intake system. There could be a cracked or worn out seal, or a grinding motor.If the noise does not stop after you unplug the system, there might be a leak in the water feed or regeneration pipe. It is possible that a seal or connection in the pipe has broken over time, and it may need to be replaced.If the noise periodically happens at random times, your system may just be aerating and regenerating the water in the system. It is normal for water softeners to regenerate the system during low usage.Jason’s Water Softeners staff can help you find and fix the issue. If you are unsure of any noise with your system, just give us a call.

My softener is leaking

If you notice any water leaking or pooling around your water system, check if the tank is cooler than the surrounding air. It is possible that the tank could be sweating from condensation.If it is not cooler than the surrounding air, there could be a leak in your water recovery storage or supply. Check the water pressure valve in the system. If you notice high pressure you will need to check your regulator or valves for problems.If the pressure is not unusually high, check the tank to see if there are any noticeable cracks. If you notice a crack, you might be able to fix it with a 2 part plastic adhesive.Don't find any cracks? You may need a new tank. Check your warranty when this happens because it is possible that your tank is still covered for a replacement.If there is not a crack you should check the supply valve in your system. There could be a crack in the stem or washer causing water to leak. If you are experiencing an issue with a water leak, we can help get your system back up and running.

When should I add more salt?

The duration of time when you should add salt depends on the hardness and usage of your water. In general, you should check on your levels every month. However, your water may not need as much salt.If you notice your salt levels are low, you should add extra. Keep track of your usage so you can create a general schedule of your system.

Should I use sodium chloride or potassium chloride?

Sodium and potassium chloride both serve the same purpose to soften your water. Potassium chloride should be utilized if you need to have low sodium intake for medical reasons. Sodium chloride is less expensive, so it is the most common.Choosing between the two depends on preference and individual needs.We will answer your questionsIf you have any questions regarding your water softener, give us a call. Jason’s Water Softener staff will happily help you with any of your needs.

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