Top 5 Health Benefits of Filtered Water

August 23, 2019

Your choice for water consumption impacts more than just taste. We recommend having your water filtered and softened to get the most out of drinking it. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be drinking filtered water.

Filtered Water is Chlorine-Free

Filtering your water will remove most of the chlorine found in your tap water. Companies often use chlorine to clean water of impurities. It may be seen as clean water, but it's not necessarily safe to consume. Chlorine, in large amounts, can have several negative health effects on the body. You can avoid these health hazards with a water filtration system.

No Metals or Minerals

Other impurities are also removed from filtered water. These include lots of sediment, mold, dirt, and rust. These come from rusty and dirty pipes that your tap water runs through. That means that whatever is in the pipes is going directly into your cup. Pipes won't stay clean and buildup is common for homeowners. You can avoid consuming these foreign impurities with filtered water.

Better Taste and Smell

Having your water filtered also improves its taste and smell. Tap water can taste less appealing and can carry an unpleasant smell that is not very inviting. This is especially the case in areas with lots of natural water sources. You can enjoy a cleaner, more purified taste with a water filtration system.

Removes Bad Bacteria

Avoid thousands of bad microorganisms in your water supply with a water filter. Some bacteria found in tap water are dangerous and can make families sick. This is due to illnesses and diseases born from excessive bacteria. Water with microorganisms filtered out is safer for consumption.

Provides Necessary Vitamins and Minerals

You can still consume necessary minerals and vitamins with filtered water! Some of these vitamins and minerals include magnesium and potassium. Filtering your water keeps the good parts in and keep the bad bacteria out.

Get the Most Out of Your Water

Choose filtered water as a healthier option to less than safe tap water. Filtered water contains fewer harsh chemicals and bacteria and great health benefits. Here at Jason's Water Systems, we offer the latest in water filtering technology. Jason's carries top-of-the-line water softeners and water filters in the state of Texas. Learn about our Whole House Filtration Systems and contact us for a free water test today!

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