How Jason's Water Systems Fixes The Most Common Water Problems

November 23, 2022

Whether you’ve moved to a new home, your home’s water is from a well, or you’ve noticed the quality of your water has changed, there are several reasons why it’s important to keep an eye on your water supply. Some water issues, like hard water, have the potential to destroy appliances and plumbing systems entirely, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements. Other water problems, like total dissolved solids, can result in your water smelling or tasting off. At Jason’s Water Systems, we manufacture, service, and install different water systems to address the most common water problems in the United States. In this post from Jason’s Water Systems blog, we’ll discuss the country’s most common water problems, and how our line of products can help amend these issues, resulting in cleaner and more delicious drinking water. 

Hard Water 

Hard water is one of the most common water problems that the country, and specifically, Central Texas, has to deal with. Hard water is the result of certain minerals dissolved in water that change its overall consistency. The change in the water’s consistency and composition comes with a slew of problems that some homeowners may be unaware of. Hard water can result in build-up around faucets and shower heads, corrosion of pipes, spotty dishes, stiff laundry, and even dry hair and itchy skin. 

At Jason’s Water Systems, we produce some of the most effective water softeners on the market. Thanks to the 3 distinct filters within our water softeners, we’re able to remove the minerals that cause hard water, producing higher-quality and softer water from faucets and shower heads. With our whole house water softening and filtration systems, all of the water that makes its way into your home from any sort of fixture, spigot, or faucet will be soft, pure and free from chlorine. This way, you and your family can enjoy cleaner dishes, sinks, tubs, and showers, as well as softer hair and skin. 

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 

Total dissolved solids, also known as TDS, should remain below 500 milligrams per liter of water to provide the best taste and to avoid what’s known as “scaling”. Scaling is what occurs when mineral build-ups within plumbing systems block, clog and eventually destroy pipes and other fixtures as water is unable to easily move through the system. When total dissolved solids are higher than 500 milligrams per liter, you’ll start to notice things like foul taste, smell, or unsightly color in your home’s water supply. 

Jason’s Water Systems Quick Connect Reverse Osmosis water filter works to significantly reduce total dissolved solids within water as it comes from the tap, resulting in water that tastes pure, has no odor, and is as clear as day. When paired with our whole house water softening system, you can be confident that the water coming from your sink tap is about as good as any standard bottled water you purchase at the store. 

pH Levels

The potential of hydrogen levels, more commonly known as pH levels, of your water must be balanced. Balanced, pure water, sits at a 7 on the pH scale. If the pH levels of your water are below 7, they have the potential to corrode pipes. This can result in dissolved metals, slowly melting off of your pipes, to make their way into your home’s drinking water supply. You can learn if your water levels are acidic with a free water test from Jason’s Water Systems if you live in the Central Texas area. 

If you already know that your home’s water is acidic, our Alkaline Inline water filters are a great way to bring your water’s pH levels up to a balanced 7. Additionally, with several benefits to drinking water with pH levels higher than 7, also known as alkaline water, you can increase your water’s pH levels with our Inline filtration system as well. Take control of the pH levels of the water that you use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning with our Alkaline Inline water filtration system. 

Unwanted Minerals 

Unwanted minerals in water like chlorine, iron, and magnesium, all have harmful effects on the overall water supply of your home. Magnesium is one of the primary culprits in creating hard water, so we’ve already discussed some of its negative effects, like dry skin and hair, spotty dishes after running the dishwasher, and even pipe corrosion. 

Iron being present in water presents its array of issues and challenges. Anyone who has experienced water with a high iron content will tell you how unpleasant it is. From staining around the drains of sinks, showers, and tubs to drinking water that tastes like you have a penny in your mouth, iron is one of the most inconvenient minerals to be present in your water supply. 

Water with too much chlorine in it can make it so that your sinks and showers produce water that smells and tastes like a public swimming pool. Unfortunately, since just about every water treatment plant in the country uses chlorine for sanitizing, water with high chlorine content is a constant and common problem for people from all walks of life. 

Lucky for anybody with unwanted minerals in their water, our water softeners can remove the great majority of them in a one-tank system. Removing minerals is the primary function of water softeners to produce softer water on a whole-house scale. Improving the taste and feel of the water is an added bonus if your home has water that is high in iron or chlorine and your purification system will last much longer versus competitors as we remove the chlorine right away, they do not. 

Improve The Quality Of Your Home’s Water With Jason’s Water Systems

At Jason’s Water Systems, we’re proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and installers of water softeners in the Central Texas area. To learn more about the quality of your water, we encourage you to schedule a FREE water test with one of our water quality experts. We’ll let you know the problems that are present in your home’s water supply, and give you a quote for our line of products that can help amend problems. Provide your family and friends with the highest quality water possible from faucets, shower heads, and all spigots around your home with Jason’s Water Systems.

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