Beyond Thirst: 10 Reasons to Drink More Water

February 16, 2015

From our doctors to The First Lady, we’re always hearing about reasons to drink more water. But why? Well, for starters, the Institute of Medicine reports that about 75% of Americans may be suffering from chronic dehydration. But being dehydrated doesn’t just mean you’re thirsty; it has a long line of health drawbacks that come with it. Read more about this below as well as a few more reasons to increase your water intake!

1. Wake up

Hate the crash you get from coffee or energy drinks? Try water in the morning. It revs up your metabolism and begins fueling your brain for the day. Also, consider the fact that you’re dehydrated when you wake up – after all, you just went 7 to 10 hours without drinking any liquids.Also, if that's not reason enough to drink more water, consider this pro tip. Add a slice of lemon to add a boost to your immune system and improve your digestion system. Caffeine will give you a temporary burst of energy, but then leads to a crash and actually dehydrates you further. Cold water is a great way to give your body the kickstart it needs.

2. It’s good for your skin

Your skin is an organ made up of cells, just like many other parts of your body. Although there is some debate on whether or not water will clear your skin or make you look younger (although some people do report decreased acne and improved skin texture), the fact is that any bodily organ needs water to function properly. Water hydrates your skin and can help it feel less dry and taut. So if you have skin that feels dry, tight, or flaky, increasing your water intake can help lessen these effects.Keep in mind that the quality of your water can affect your skin in various ways. The hardness of your water can play a part in your skin and hair's look and can cause extra issues. For many homeowners in Austin and San Antonio, water softeners are the way to go. That's why here at Jason's Water, we aim to provide the people of San Antonio and Austin with quality water through the best water softener in America!

3. Decrease bloating

Sometimes people complain about water retention that causes bloating. In actuality, it’s not drinking too much water that causes bloating, it’s typically other substances like sodium or food-type intolerance. In fact, water is the best way to combat bloating. It helps flush out your system. Consider this as one of the reasons to drink more water and watch the bloat shrink.

4. Maximize your workout

Your body needs water to optimally perform during exercise. You lose water through sweating, so it’s important to replenish your fluid levels so you don’t become dizzy or dehydrated. Furthermore, when your muscle cells aren’t adequately hydrated, you get fatigued earlier and your stamina decreases.In addition to a loss of coordination and making you feel ill, severe dehydration during workouts can result in severe and painful muscle cramps. Start drinking water about 2 hours before working out to feel strong and energized.

5. Curb mindless snacking

Interestingly enough, often when people think they’re hungry, they’re actually thirsty. Does this happen often for you? Consider the following as one of the reasons to drink more water. Consistently drinking water helps you get in touch with your true hunger signals and also keeps your metabolism working consistently. It’s easier to achieve a healthy weight when you’re drinking enough water throughout the day.

6. Prevent and alleviate hangovers

No one likes waking up with a headache after having one too many glasses of wine at dinner. The reason why hangovers are among the top reasons to drink more water is that it can prevent severe hangovers from occurring. Water is actually one of the best prevention tactics and cures. Alcohol dehydrates you, so the more you replace your body’s fluids with water, the better. Alternate between drinks and glasses of water, and make sure to drink another glass before you go to sleep. If you still wake up feeling tired and unwell, rehydrating will work wonders.

7. Ward off sickness

Staying hydrated helps keep your mucus membranes in optimal form, making your defense system stronger and staving off viruses like the flu. However, if these tissues dry out, germs can more easily permeate the nasopharynx, the upper part of your throat behind your nose. Consider the flu as among the top reasons to drink more water.  Moreover, if you do get sick, you’re more likely to have a speedy recovery if you’ve been drinking enough water.It is true drinking water is a way to help you recover faster, but it is also a basic necessity for recovering from sickness period. During moments of illness like the flu, you consistently lose fluids and can suffer from dehydration if not addressed. Constant consumption of water will prevent dehydration along with other severe symptoms associated with the flu.

8. Save money

A 16-oz bottle of soda will set you back somewhere around $2.00, depending on where you live. Now imagine that you drink one bottle of soda a day. That’s $730.00 a year you’re spending on a drink with no nutritional benefits! However, a reusable water bottle shouldn’t cost you more than $15.00 and can be refilled time and time again. Similarly, water is free at most restaurants. By occasionally swapping out other beverages for water, you can save hundreds of dollars each year.

9. Better focus

Your brain is made up of about 85% water. Thus, when you’re dehydrated, the energy levels in your brain are decreased, which can lead to poor concentrations, headaches, moodiness, short term memory, and “brain fog.” If you’re feeling a bit hazy and run down at work or school, try drinking water to give your brain the best chance at working hard.

10. Water helps all your organs and cells functions properly

Water keeps all your body’s basic functions running smoothly, from digestion to joint health. Our bodies are comprised of such a high percentage of water (between 55 and 65%) that it’s truly what keeps the entire system regulated. It even helps retain moisture levels in your blood, brain, and bones. It’s truly a powerhouse liquid!Last updated: February 12, 2019

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