Qualities of the Best Home Water Filters

November 27, 2019

'---There's a good chance that you may be concerned about the quality of water in your home. That's because many studies show that drinking water can sometimes contain various chemicals, pathogens, and heavy metals and why a lot of homeowners now purchase water filters. Though there are many filters on the market, it's important that you choose wisely. Here are a few qualities of the best home water filters.

1. It Removes All of the Contaminants

If you want to ensure that you get the best home water filter, then you need to be on the lookout for a filtration system that removes all of the contaminants. Keep in mind that filters aren't a one-size-fits-all product. You must test your water to find out what it contains. Once you're aware of what impurities it has, you can then search for the filter that is specially designed to remove them. Some filters can remove as much as 60 contaminants. Others can only remove up to 25.

2. High Filtration Rate

When searching for a filter, it's important that you consider the filtration rate, as this will determine how much water your filter is able to purify each day. So if you consume a lot of water every day, then you need to make sure that you get a filter with the maximum rate. Ideally, your filtration rate should exceed your average needs.

3. Easy to Maintain

Water filters typically contain a cartridge that needs to be routinely replaced. Depending on the brand you choose, there are some cartridges that tend to last longer than others. So make sure that you choose a filter that doesn't require you to constantly change out the cartridge. This may seem like a small detail but it can make a huge difference in the long run, save on maintenance costs, time, and be more environmentally efficient.There are also filters that require you to monitor them. This is especially the case with filters that are complex and costly. For instance, aside from changing the cartridge, you may be required to pretreat the feed water so that the filter remains durable. So if you're short on time, be on the lookout for a filter that doesn't take a lot of time and effort. Sure, you want your water to be pure, but you shouldn't have to do a lot of work to get it. Ask a water filtration professional which type of filter is best for your lifestyle.

4. Worth the Investment

There are several things that can affect the cost of your water filter. These factors include the storage capacity, filtration rate, whether or not the filter is equipped with a remineralization cartridge, and more. You should also factor in the cost of the cartridges, as you will need to replace them every so often. While some filters may seem expensive when you first purchase them, you need to consider the fact that they may be an investment in the end. A more expensive filter may last twice as long or more effectively purify your water. Look for the filter that provides the best value for your household's needs.

Find a Water Filtration System That Meets Your Needs

A water filter can make a huge difference for the health of your family. So, it's important that you take the time to do your research and compare filters before making your final decision. A lot of homeowners assume that all water filters are the same; that they all perform the same function. What they fail to realize, is that there are several factors involved in choosing a filter and that they should focus on and those that cater to their specific needs.If you would like to learn more about water filters or need help deciding which one is best for your family, please reach out to our team of water purification experts. We can walk you through the process and help to ensure that your home is supplied with clean, pure water! For the best water filters and water softeners in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas, choose Jason's Water Systems.

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