How to Remove Various Hard Water Stains

February 4, 2019

How to Remove Various Hard Water Stains

The buildup of “hard” mineral content in water isn’t just bad for your skin and hair. If you’re using hard water around the house, you might see unwelcome stains and spots beginning to pop up as well. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of tips, tricks, and remedies that will help you get rid of them. Here’s how to remove hard water stains in some of their most unsightly locations.

Hard Water Stains on Glass

Take care when fighting hard water stains on glass, because it’s recommended that you use an acidic cleaner to remove these alkaline stains. Wear gloves and eye protection, and carefully read the directions on the labels of any cleaning product. Keep in mind that you won’t want to use strong acidic cleaners on areas where food might be placed. For these areas, consider a simpler solution, like vinegar or salt water. Both can be effective when scrubbed on hard water spots, and you won’t have to worry about acidic toxicity.

Hard Water Stains on Tile

Common household vinegar is also a remedy for stained tile. Saturate some paper towels with pure white vinegar and let them soak the stained areas for at least eight hours. After that time, remove the paper towels, rinse the area with distilled water, and gently scrub with a non-abrasive cleaning pad. If you’re cleaning your shower tile, you can just take a normal shower after the vinegar soaks instead of rinsing and scrubbing.

Hard Water Stains on Toilets

To avoid damaging the porcelain, you’ll want to go gentle on your toilet. Put some gloves on and sprinkle some powdered all-purpose cleanser (e.g. Bar Keepers Friend) over any hard water stains. Then, start scrubbing with a fine-grit drywall sanding screen. Bear in mind, this is not sandpaper! Scrub just firmly enough to get the job done, using a circular motion.

Hard Water Spots on Your Car

If you park within the range of your lawn sprinklers, you may find that hard water spots have made their way to the exterior of your car. After a thorough wash, mix a solution of one part white vinegar to one part distilled (or at least soft) water. Apply this mixture to hard water spots using a spray bottle, and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Then, re-wash the area and use a foam applicator or microfiber towel to apply paint polish. Buff the area, and then repeat the whole process as necessary.

Hard Water Stains on Marble

The minerals in hard water stains can really build up, becoming easily visible to passing eyes. If you run your fingers over a stained marble surface and feel a raised bump, that’s the sign of a mineral deposit. These spots can usually be removed with a marble cleaning product and a soft towel. Alternatively, you can use a fine steel wool (grade #0000) to rub the stain out in a circular motion.Once you’ve gotten rid of unsightly hard water spots, the next step is preventing them from reappearing. A reliable water softener improves the quality of your water, eliminating mineral content that leaves stains. Plus, your showers and baths will feel better than ever before. If you’re ready for better water, get in touch with Jason’s Water Softeners today. Our family-run company has provided Texas homes with healthy water for over 30 years, and we’re ready to help you too!

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