How Does Soft Water Save Money?

October 1, 2014

One of the big selling points for people interested in purchasing a water softener is the prospect of saving money. And it certainly makes sense; who wouldn’t want some extra cash in their bank account, especially in this economy? Customers are always thrilled to hear that they can reduce their spending by investing in a water system, but they often want to know more about how it’s possible. We’ve broken this process down to illustrate how economical it is to have a Jason’s Water Softener in your home.

1. Cleaner Clothes for Less

Soft water requires over 50% less detergent to do the same amount of laundry. Detergents do not mix well with hard water, so by using soft water instead your detergent is able to go further. This means you won’t have to purchase detergent nearly as often, but you’ll be getting even cleaner results. Additionally, you won’t have to purchase as much fabric softener for your laundry loads since softer water creates softer clothes (versus the complaints we hear about stiff or coarse clothing caused by hard water). Hard water can also cause clothes to lose their color vibrancy and wear out faster. With softened water, you won’t always be rushing out to buy new clothes because your old ones are getting worn out.

2. Increased Lifespan of Appliances

Unlike other household appliances, a water softener actually SAVES you money when you use it. But it also helps you spend less money repairing and maintaining your other appliances. The minerals in hard water cause a crusty buildup called scale that appears in pipes and around faucets. When scale builds up inside of pipes, it can restrict water flow into appliances and also impede water heating, so you end up using more energy to heat your water. This can be the source of many costly repairs since your appliances wear out more quickly. Additionally, scale can lead to staining on showers and sinks, requiring you to buy additional cleaning products to remove it. By stopping scale at the source--hard water--you won’t need to repair or replace your appliances as often.

3. Increased Home Value

A water softener not only saves you money, but it can actually put more money in your pocket. Having a water softener or reverse osmosis water filtration system installed in your home can increase your home’s value. These are desired features that many homebuyers look for in their search, for the above reasons and more. Furthermore, potential buyers feel relieved that they won’t have to deal with hard water stains on sinks, showers, and dishes.

4. Reduces Energy Bills

As mentioned above, hard water can cause scale build-up that reduces the amount of water that is able to flow through pipes. When this happens, your appliances don’t work very efficiently. When excess hard minerals are removed, water is able to easily move through pipes and allow your plumbing system to function correctly. You will also see a decrease in your water heating bills because you won’t need to heat water to as high of temperatures to remove stains or effectively clean your dishes. Truly, with a water softener you are able to get so much more out of your water, so you won’t need to use as much.Are you ready to start saving money by installing a high-quality water softening system in your home? If so, call Jason’s Water Systems today at 210-622-9540 for a free water analysis!

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