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Jason's Water Systems delivers comprehensive residential water treatment solutions, including filters and water softeners in Bandera, TX, and nearby areas.
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Tackling Water Issues in Bandera, TX with Our Softener Systems

  • Soap scum after showering
  • Unpleasant-tasting water
  • Inefficient water heater
  • Mineral buildup in plumbing pipes
  • Tastes and odors in drinking water
  • Water contaminants
  • Stains on dishes after washing
  • Clothing and linen wear and tear
  • Persistent dry skin and hair
  • Increased soap consumption for bathing and cleaning

Enjoy Soft, Purified Water In Bandera, TX

Man doing dishes with soft water

In Your Appliances

  • Boost water heater efficiency by up to 30%, reducing fuel expenses.
  • Enhance water pressure and flow by eliminating mineral deposits in pipes.
  • Extend the life of dishwashers and washing machines.
Family spending time in kitchen with soft water

In The Kitchen

  • Enjoy cleaner and better-tasting water from the tap with Jason's Water Systems.
  • No more off-tasting coffee, food, and ice.
  • Keep your dishes and china spotless.
Dog being bathed with soft water

In The Bathroom

  • While bathing, our skin absorbs up to 8x the amount of chemicals in the water, such as chlorine. Our water softeners filter out chlorine, resulting in softer, smoother skin after washing, shaving, and showering. Don't be a filter; get a filter from Jason’s Water Systems.
  • Achieve silkier, shinier, and more manageable hair with softened water.
  • Eliminate soap scum and residue for a cleaner bathroom with Jason's Water Systems.
Baby with soft laundry

In Your Laundry

  • Cleaner, softer clothes and linens with increased durability.
  • Better color retention, maintaining clothes' vibrancy and newness for an extended period.
  • Save money by using up to 50% less detergent.
3 Stages Of Softening & Filtration

A Single Jason’s Water Systems Tank Transforms Your Water Quality

Jason’s Water Systems produces water softeners that outperform five competitor systems combined. Our Bandera water softener systems can be programmed to treat any water condition in the area. Our systems feature advanced components like coconut shell carbon, fine mesh resin, and crushed garnet media. When working together, our systems can generate near-bottled quality water for your entire home.

Jason's Water Systems is one of the only systems certified to meet UPC & ICC plumbing codes with softening and filtration in a single tank.
Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
Whole House Water Softening System
coconut shell carbon icon
Stage 1


Coconut shell carbon removes unpleasant tastes and odors of chlorine while also eliminating other harmful chemicals in the water. Moreover, our filtration process removes chlorine from the water before the softening process starts. By eliminating chlorine before the softening process, our systems last up to 4 times longer than our national competitors' systems.Tested by NSF ANSI 42 up to 400,000 glns Chlorine removal.

Fine mesh resin icon
Stage 2


As water flows through our systems' fine mesh resin, minerals like magnesium and calcium, which cause buildup and hard water, are removed. This leads to various benefits, including increased durability of water-using appliances and improved overall skin and hair health.Tested by NSF ANSI 44 up to 25 gpm service flow rate.

Crushed garnet media icon
Stage 3


Our water softeners utilize crushed garnet media to remove cloudiness, also known as turbidity and discoloration in the water.

It’s never been so easy and affordable to have pure water at home!

Uncover What’s In Your Water With A FREE Water Test From Jason’s Water Systems!

Jason’s Water Systems is committed to helping Bandera, TX residents enjoy the advantages of water softening. That's why we provide special promotions to make our softening and filtration systems more affordable and accessible for families in the area. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary water quality test and receive a quote for a new water softening system.
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Up to $650 Trade-In Special

The team at Jason’s Water Systems has the expertise and is equipped to service water softening systems from any brand. Reach out to us regarding your existing system, and if a replacement is needed, our trade-in offer can help. Eligible systems can result in a $650 discount on a new Jason’s Water System. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Get a Free Drinking System with the purchase of a Whole House Softening and Filtration System (A $600 Value)

6 Months No Payments on New Qualified Water Softeners and Filtration Systems

Included With Every System

Why Bandera Residents Choose Jason’s Water Systems

Jason’s Perfect Lifetime Warranty

By choosing Jason’s Water Systems, you're guaranteed the best in reliability and water quality, thanks to Jason’s Perfect Warranty. As one of our valued customers, you'll benefit from our routine maintenance checks and system replacements. Additionally, as long as the carbon is maintained, your system warranty will remain valid even if the water our system treats contains chlorine. This is unlike any of our national competitors, where chlorine-treated water passing through the system immediately voids the warranty.

Financing Options

At Jason’s, our team understands that access to clean water shouldn't be limited by cost for families in the Bandera area. Our financing options make purchasing a water-softening system more affordable. We'll work closely with homeowners and their budgets to provide the cleanest water possible without causing excessive financial strain. Jason’s Water Systems can make it happen.

Annual Maintenance Program

Each of Jason’s Water Systems comes with our annual maintenance program to ensure optimal performance for years to come. Bandera residents can trust the team at Jason’s Water Systems to provide top-quality service for water softeners in homes of all sizes.

Free First-Year Workmanship Guarantee

Jason’s Water Systems stands behind the quality of our Bandera, TX water softening and purification systems by offering a one-year workmanship warranty. Within the first year of installation, our team will support you and address any questions you may have at no additional cost to you. Rest assured knowing that you're in good hands with Jason’s Water Systems.

Plus, your warranty won't be voided when city water treated with chlorine is introduced into the system, unlike other national brands!

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Bandera, TX Residents Trust Jason’s Water For Water Softeners in Their Neighborhood

Jason’s Water System is a proud provider of water softeners in Bandera, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Give us a call today, or fill out our form to request an estimate or to learn more about our products, financing options, and more for water softeners in Bandera, TX.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer the frequently asked questions that our customers ask and provide you with the details necessary to make an informed decision.
Does Jason’s Water Systems maintain systems manufactured by another brand?
Will salt from the water softener enter the drinking water supply of my house?
Are water softeners from Jason’s NSF certified?
Are Jason’s Water Softeners up to ICC Residential Plumbing Codes?
Why does Bandera have hard water?
Can I bring my water softener with me when I move?
How do I know that I need a water softener?
Where will my water softener be installed?
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