Water Softener Reviews

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We take pride in the work we do and we are committed to providing the best service to our customers. We invite you to read the reviews on this page, watch our video testimonials, or check our facebook page to see what our customers have to say about their experience with Jason’s!


San Antonio, TX

“The water is so soft, a big difference! System is up to code with the city & county. My wife loves the effect on skin & hair!”


“Everything went great. Looking forward to the future.”

Don Curtis

“Our experience began a few months ago just prior to San Antonio’s shut down due to Coronavirus. Ben came to our home and not only showed us the system but did a water test for us and after installation of main Softener system Eric came to install our new home Pure Water System but part was not correct match for our kitchen part had to be ordered to match our Brushed Nickel finish on our kitchen faucet. Once the lock down was lifted. Then Alfred installed the brushed nickel unit and we are drinking really good tasting water, pure and clear.

The owner Emily is a joy to deal with and she called me directly and apologized for the wait and to make sure we were satisfied and everything was fine.

Jason’s Water Softener here in San Antonio is an outstanding company with outstanding employees who are courteous, professional, friendly, and very helpful, and top notch management and ownership. I highly recommend if you’re in the market for a Water Softener, don’t hesitate to give Jason’s a look. Quality matters.

Frank B.

“We recently bought our second home after living in our first home for over 35 years. We never had a water system in the old house. I was online inquiring about a water system and filled out a information form and not only did I get a call right away but the call was from Jason Montgomery, Yes the Jason in Jason’s Water Systems and not only that he actually came to the house to make the sale himself. We normally never buy anything after one sales pitch but after meeting with Jason we just couldn’t imagine buying a water system from anyone else. Alfred who just happens to be Jason’s grandson did a great job with the installation. We are very happy with our water system. This is truly a family run business and I will recommend them to everyone I know.”

Lourdes & Rodney

“Since getting our Jason’s water system, our skin has never been dry and itchy right after washing dishes. We are not using as much product i.e. dishwashing soap, laundry detergent or body wash. That saves us money with not buying as frequently with those products. The customer service is excellent! Jason even came & followed-up & talked with us! No one can beat that!”


“Great, friendly, and knowledgeable sales people (Art). Answered all of our questions and concerns. Installation was quick and easy. Follow up also installation showed good customer service.”


“Art was very helpful and friendly. Even though we had issues with the initial unit, Art called Jason and helped us. I am happy with our purchase.”


Temple, TX

“Jason, Concerning your water filtration system, we were ecstatic when we heard of your product upon our arrival to Temple. My wife and I put it in our home and enjoyed all the benefits that you had explained to us and from a health standpoint, we enjoyed chlorine-free water. Then, I decided, in order to protect my “high dollar” dental equipment, I would have the system installed at my dental office. When we decided to build our new home, there was no question that I would have the “whole house system” placed in order to protect our bodies and our plumbing fixtures. I would recommend your system to anyone who wants chemical/mineral-free water in their home and the countless savings on soap, cleaning products, and detergents. Thanks for keeping us so clean!”


“I just want to inform you that I am very pleased with the water softener form Jason’s. It leaves the water tasting like spring water and I had never seen anything like this. I highly recommend this water softener to everybody who is interested in getting one.”

Dan & Shiela

“We love our new Jason’s Water System that we installed in our new home. The certifications and 1″ pipe mating were important selling points. We have already – at day one, seen a dramatic difference in taste, feel and smell from our water system. Our skin is softer and our girl’s hair doesn’t take any effort to comb out. Awesome system to have in a very hard water area.”


“Great information and service. Very detailed and took the time to walk through each question. Very kind and understood our situation to make this decision. Thank You”


“Exceptional service from sales to install.”


“Ben was awesome! Very informative! Great service.”


“Excellent Service. Recommend to all”


San Antonio, TX

“Mr. Jason Montgomery asked me if I would give him a few written comments regarding the water system I purchased from him for my new house in Villitas, of Cibolo Canyon.

Shortly after moving into our new house, I purchased on August 31, 2007 Jason’s Model 4002 which is a large capacity water softener system along with a reverse osmosis system for the kitchen sink.

I am happy to say my wife and I have been very satisfied with the systems. It is no hassle to operate, one forgets it is even there. This is our first ever water softener system and we are excited with its benefits, such as sparkling clean dishes and glasses from the dishwasher, no water stains on the shower glass walls, great taste in the drinking water, no more chlorine in the bathwater which has helped in reducing my wife’s skin itch. Ice tea and coffee taste much better with the purified water, and we no longer purchase drinking water. Clothes come out of the clothes washer cleaner, the washer does not require as much detergent (nor does the dish washer) to operate, and the clothes come out of the cloth dryer much softer. These are the obvious results we see from having installed the soft water system and the reverse osmosis system. What we can’t see is the lack of mineral build up in the machines that use water in the house or in the water pipe system which we hope will extend the life of the appliances we use every day. Note: I have been a life time resident of San Antonio and have experienced the adverse affects that the hard water in our region has on our appliances, plumbing, clothing, and drinking water. I am very happy that we now have this soft water system.

The system is economical to operate. I don’t see any difference in my utility bills, (CPS & SAWS) by operating the system. I also believe that the system will add value to our home and be a plus in the event we elect to sell our home some day.

Mr. Montgomery and his employees are very pleasant to work with, very accommodating and wanting to please. I have no reservations in allowing Mr. Montgomery or one of his employees into my home in my absence with my wife being present. Mr. Montgomery’s word is as good as a contract and that is a rare trait now days. Although I have met with Mr. Montgomery only a few times, I feel that I have known him for a greater period of time.

I believe if one were to purchase a system from “JASON’S” they would be pleased with the equipment, its benefits, and the staff installing and servicing the equipment. Note: system doesn’t seem to need much servicing or care to work well.”


“Thank you Art for taking the time to educate us on the water system. I thank you for not pressuring us into anything and letting us know what would work best for our family.”


“I’ve found that the water system has significantly reduced our use of lotion. Our skin gets less ashy. We also love that Jason’s Water Systems are certified under several standards.”


“Art is a verry good salesman. But tell the guy A.J. I said ‘Go Temple Wildcats'”


“My wife and I have lived in San Antonio for just under a year and have been disappointed with the taste, texture and smell of the water since our arrival. We recently moved from a rental house to a house we had built and one of our priorities was a water filtration system/softener.

We shopped around for months and did not make a purchase. For various reasons we knew something was not quite right with all the softeners we had looked at. Then you came to our home.

After sitting and discussing your product it made sense to me to purchase a water softener through you and your company. Your product professionalism were both superb making this an easy decision. We have had the water softener for a week now and could not be happier with the water. The taste and texture are outstanding and the smell is gone. Our clothes and dishes are cleaner, and our sinks and shower are film less. One of our concerns with the other softeners was the flow rates of 9 fpm or less, I cannot speak on the pressures generated from those systems when both showers are running along with the dishwasher and washing machine, but with our softener we do notice a difference, there is always good water pressure.

Thank you for your service, professionalism and for having such an outstanding product. If anyone asks me about water softeners I would be doing them a disservice if I did not mention your name.”

Wes & Ellie

“Great System! It has made a big difference in our home… No shower scum, no residue anywhere. We like it so much we’re taking it with us whenever we move.”


“Experience has been great, no residue in showers and sinks. Our skin is a lot smoother, clothes come out clean. We Can actually drink water straight out of the tap now.”

Dan & Shiela

“We love our new Jason’s Water System that we installed in our new home. The certifications and 1” pipe mating were important selling points. We have already – at day one, seen a dramatic difference in taste, feel, and smell from our water system. Our skin is softer and our girl’s hair doesn’t take any effort to comb out. Awesome system to hang in a very hard water area.”

Cindy R.

“I’ve got this system on well water! It’s amazing! Best on the market. Do your research and you will choose Jason for sure!”