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In-Sink Water Filtration Systems

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Why Choose In-Sink Water Filtration?

In-sink water filtration brings a level of purity to water that general water softening systems can’t deliver. Jason’s whole house softening and filtration system removes organic contaminants from drinking water, what about the inorganic matter? In-sink water filtration systems provide homeowners and their families clean, worry-free water while protecting individuals from the water contamination and water safety scandals. In-sink water filtration systems keep contaminants like lead, arsenic, growth hormones, pesticides, and more from entering your drinking water and causing long-term health issues. Check out Jason’s Waters’ in-sink water filtration systems to learn how to get clean, pure tap water directly to your faucet.

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In-Sink Water Filtration Systems

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Our reverse osmosis systems boast a range of benefits that other manufacturers can’t compete with. Our systems not only reduce the presence of chemicals, like chlorine and pesticides, in your water, but they also remove up to 98% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water. Secure one of our reverse osmosis filtration systems for clean, good tasting, nutrient-rich drinking water in your home.

3-Stage Quick Connect Filtration

Our 3-stage water filtration system utilizes hollow fiber technology to reduce impurities in your water. These systems are NSF certified and they can be easily installed into existing water systems simply by screwing them in as attachments. When combined with a Jason’s softening and filtration system the filters can last 12 months before needing to be replaced.

Alkaline Inline Filter

This NSF certified inline filter effectively removes chemicals from drinking water, but that’s not all. This alkaline inline filter also treats water uniquely by remineralizing the water for peak nutrition and alkalizing it, thus stabilizing the pH balance of the water in your home. Don’t let acidity go unchecked in your home’s water. Try our alkaline inline filter for healthier forms of in-home hydration.


Let us answer the following questions for you and provide you with the clarity you need to make your decision.

Which drinking system do you recommend?

We recommend that homeowners purchase a 3-Stage Filtration System since Jason’s water systems filters out organic matter, but not inorganic matter that can potentially make its way into drinking water.

Do I need a drinking filtration system with Jason’s Water softener/filter system?

Yes, we highly recommend getting an in-sink water filtration system along with your Jason’s Water softener/filtration system.

Does Jason’s Water use reverse osmosis filtration technology on all it’s in-sink filtration options?

No, we offer several in-sink water filtration systems that utilize different kinds of technology, such as our 3-stage filtration system.

Are all of the in-sink water filtration systems offered by Jason’s Water NSF certified?

Yes, all of our water softening and filtration systems are NSF certified.