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Back by popular demand…

The Jason’s Water Softeners Annual Maintenance Program!
Have you signed up to take advantage of our Annual Maintenance Program yet? It’s not too late!

As a part of maintaining customer satisfaction, we offer an Annual Maintenance Plan. This plan has been designed to help you feel secure, knowing that your investment continues to run properly and is always updated to the most recent technology. Plus, you won’t have to be concerned that an issue with your system will result in a costly fix, as we maintain parts regularly.

Brine Tank Sanitation: Sanitize float assembly and remove debris collected in the brine tank.

Resin Cleanse: Tear down valve and inspect all parts for integrity. Replace FREE any part that shows concern.

Valve Check: Flush system with a Resin Cleanse solution to renew the cation exchange for water softening.

Recalibration: Calibrate the circuit board to update processor with the newest technology. Review and update any settings for hardness, time of day and gallon usage.

All of these services are available for only $130/yr. You can choose to pay at the time of service or make 12 easy payments of only $12 a month!

Keep our referral system in mind!

When you refer 3 friends or family to get their water systems updated with us, we will give you a $25 Visa Gift card! Be sure to include your referral number when advising friends or family, so we can credit their business to you.